ARTS ARBITRATION AND MEDIATION SERVICES (AAMS), a program of California Lawyers for the Arts, offers a forum for resolving and settling disputes that is available to all members of the arts community, including individuals, organizations, and businesses. AAMS uses volunteer mediators, arbitrators, and trainers to help deliver our services in three locations: San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, and Los Angeles.

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We offer a variety of alternative dispute resolution services: (1) CONCILIATION: assist disputing parties with their negotiations; (2) MEDIATION: facilitate discussion and assist disputants to reach their own resolution; (3) ARBITRATION: hear both sides and issue a legally binding award; (4) MEETING FACILITATION: facilitate group problem-solving or planning meetings; (5) TRAINING: assist AAMS staff in delivering conflict resolution trainings to the public. In which roles are you trained/think you would be most effective?*
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